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Guest Post- Jessica from Aracadian Lighting shares some woodsy decor inspiration!


Hi there! I’m Jessica, a blogger for Arcadian Lighting. Every day I get to search the web and write about the latest in interior design trends and the light fixtures that go with them. I’m delighted to be guest posting for Amber on Domestic Peacock because I’m going to be sharing some lovely woodsy decor inspirations. I love woodsy decor because it’s reminiscent of log cabins, staying warm by the fire and rustic natural materials. I hope you enjoy!

Woodsy Decor

This beautiful woodsy inspired nursery features lovely white tree decals that help brighten the dark colored walls. The tree bark inspired rug adds to the rustic feel of the wooden furniture and the basket weave pendant light.

Woodsy Decor

The minimal design of this room contrasts beautifully with the wooden bed frame and reclaimed wood headboard. The pulley chandelier and mounted goat’s head are very rustic accents.

Woodsy Decor

A literal take on the woodsy theme, this wallpaper and wood paneling helps this small bedroom feel more spacious. Matching table lamps that look like spools are an interesting touch.

Woodsy Decor

The natural color scheme of khakis and moss greens makes this bedroom feel like a room in a log cabin. The all wood furniture and floors enhance that feeling even more.

Woodsy Decor

This all-white breakfast room features a perfect example of woodsy dÈcor with the well-weathered farm table. The overall effect is a rustic, elegant room.

Woodsy Decor

This cozy living room is positively brimming with woodsy details. From the pine wallpaper, leather upholstered furniture and wood burning stove, this room is just right for snuggling up in the evening. I especially love the cuckoo clock in the corner.

Woodsy Decor

Evergreen garlands make a beautiful seasonal decoration around the door frame and mantle in this dining room vignette. The weathered table and chairs pick up on the woodsy theme of the room.

Woodsy Decor

A sumptuous chair placed in the corner of a room decked in wood paneling and floorboards, not to mention a towering wood dresser, is the perfect place to wrap yourself in a thick blanket and read a good book.

Don’t these woodsy decors just make you want to curl up with a hot cup of cocoa? Don’t forget to check out our wide array of pendant lights at Arcadian Lighting that would complement your wood decor perfectly.

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  1. Looks Great! Thanks Amber!

  2. No wonder I love wood so much! The all white breakfast room is just amazing.

  3. WHERE can I find that rug in the first nursery picture?!?!? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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