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sari quilts and throws


kanchan throw $149.95

dhayna throw $164.95

aanchal throw $164.95

babhita throw $164.95

bella throw $164.95

gina throw $164.95

kakoli throw $149.95jalata throw $149.95

I drooled a little when I came across these sari quilts by Filling Spaces on Joss & Main.  For those who don’t know, the sari is a fashion staple in India and they are known for their eye catching prints and vibrant hues. They are such a beautiful and unique way to add color and culture to your home.  These are all made from vintage cotton and I can just imagine them thrown over my bed or over the back of my sofa.  Since they are such one of a kind pieces it would be safe to say that no one else will have a sari just like yours!

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