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matcha green tea, yum


MmmMmMmatcha Green Tea!

Maybe some of you have heard of matcha green tea before? Yay for you if you have!  If not, hopefully after reading this post, you will try some!

matcha powder

Well, What is it?

Now I’m sure you all know what green tea is…so what is matcha green tea then?  Matcha green tea is essentially a premium green tea powder and is unique to the country of Japan.  It is distinctly different from regular green tea in that you are ingesting the whole tea leaf rather than just brewed water.

Kaoru “kiri-no-mori” matcha green tea

The traditional way to prepare matcha tea is by using a bamboo whisk and combining the powder with water.  It will produce a full-bodied tea that is complex, bitter and alluring with a sweet after taste.  Some compare it to trying red wine or dark chocolate for the first time.

tea harvest – jonathan kingston

How is it produced?

Like I said earlier, it is made in Japan near the Yahagi river.  This area of Japan is known for it’s micro-climate and misty fog which is an idea climate for growing tea. A few weeks before the tea is harvested they cover the plants with bamboo mats or tarps to reduce exposure to the sun, which increases chlorophyll and produces a dark, tender green tea leaf.

After the tea leaves are usually hand-picked they are then taken to be steamed and then air-dried.  They are then sorted for grade, de-stemmed and de-veined and become tencha, the precursor to matcha green tea.

meditation matcha

What about the health benefits?

Because you are ingesting the whole tea leaf you are getting uber amounts of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll.  Matcha green tea is a sugar-free and contains caffeine.  It also contains amino acids like L-theanine, which is known to relax the mind and enhance your mood.  It is said that matcha contributes to the “5th “ taste, a rich creamy mouth.

You would have to drink 10 glasses of green tea (the brewed kind) to get the equivalent nutrients and antioxidants of just one glass of matcha green tea!  Isn’t that insane?!

green tea cupcakes  (recipe)!

Do you have to mix it with water?

Although the traditional way to drink matcha is to whisk it into water, that isn’t the only option!  You can use it as an ingredient in baking and also in other beverages such as lattes and smoothies!  You can even make matcha green tea ice cream, cupcakes, cakes and more!

green glow elixer

Where can I buy Matcha?

Matcha is a high demand tea from Japan, and because of this, it can be more expensive than regular tea.  Because of the delicate process of making the tea it takes long to produce and package matcha powder.  Most of matcha tea is sold in Japan, but lucky for us, you can buy it online!  Check out these websites to purchase some delicious matcha green tea:

Matcha Source

BreakAway Matcha 

Mighty Leaf Tea

Zen Matcha

Have you tried Matcha?!

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