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industrial decor by stella bleu designs

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industrial pipe shelf level 3 wood

pipe shelf 1up pair

sconce bookshelves pair

industrial pipe bookshelf, saint stephen

industrial corner pipe shelf

I’ve always been intrigued by industrial style furniture and design.  I think it is an honest approach to making something that is meant to last a lifetime.  These shelves, by stella bleu designs, are a great way to repurpose pipes and to give a hard yet characteristic/practical layer to a home.  It is a great way to bring in some industrial elements into your space without breaking the bank.  Check out more at their etsy shop and see if anything catches your eye!

One Comment

  1. My Dad was a 638 Steamfitter, he is retired now and he always created art with pipes from chitty chitty bang bang car to dorothy’s tin man and toto. He is a talented artist but was sick for a while when I showed him these pipe creations he was so happy. He is now making me a table and the shelf . I love it its art and I am lucky to have a Dad who can make this. I love what you did here just amazing . Rural , industrial and its art keep making more !!

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