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favorite five friday – pinterest pins


I’ve been a busy pinner this week.  Maybe I should up my post to “favorite fifteen friday”.  We’ll see…in the meantime, enjoy!

If you are new to this post then you can catch the rest here.  See you next week!

we just got some ghost chairs in at work and they are a great way to showcase a beautiful table

great way to visualize the size of a print on a wall!

love the way the blue distressed cabinet plays off the blue in the wallpaper

just have to grow my hair out a little bit longer…

If you want dark cabinets but don’t want to make a room feel small then leave your walls a nice bright white and opt for open shelving up top to make the space seem more open.

If you are new to Pinterest, you have a friend in me!  Feel free to follow my pins and share the love.

by the way:  you can click on the image itself to be taken to the pin on my page and see where or who I pinned it from…

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