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three-dimensional art for your walls


Let’s not forget to have fun when decorating our walls!  Yeah prints are great but three-dimensional art is fantastic.  It is a great way to add more texture in your room and of course, dimensionality.  Instead of placing flat art on every wall, try one of these instead:

1.  Use cupcake liners to create a fun and interesting pattern.  (via finders keepers market inc.)

2.  Hang different size and shaped plates on the wall. (via liz marie blog)

3. I love these baskets from west elm.  They are large and invite a sense of worldliness and culture into the space.  Great texture!

4.  I also love this faux stag from west elm.  They are all the rage right now and possibly can invite a little bit or country into the space.

5.  I’ve used this photo before on my blog because it is such a inexpensive and creative way to add a sense of volume and texture into your home. (via apartment therapy)

6.  These dahlias are perfect when paired with the graphic bold zig zag print.  Great for a nursery if you love gray and yellow! (via bedbuggs)

7.  And of course, leave it up to the folks from anthropologie to carry the amazing work by Dolan Geiman!


Do you have any great three dimensional wall art ideas?  Please share!



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