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Hola!  I hope everyone has had a fantastic week!  I’ve been gathering some yarn to make some projects for some friends babies, and can’t wait to see them completed!  I will definitely keep everyone posted on how they are going and how they turn out!  Have a fun filled weekend! xo

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Sometimes when I’ve had the most stressful days I wish I could go off and be in complete solitude…somewhere like this.

Could there be anything more cheery then coming home to this bright yellow door?!

First of all, I love the soft palette in this bedroom and secondly….all you dog lovers out there, do you ever walk into your bedroom and find your dog like this? haha, I do!

I love poppies!  They are just so bright and full of texture!

speaking of yellows…I love this pattern by Mia Singson

If you are new to Pinterest, you have a friend in me!  Feel free to follow my pins and share the love.

by the way:  you can click on the image itself to be taken to the pin on my page and see where or who I pinned it from…

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  1. I’d love a place of solitude like that! If it wasn’t for the heat in the summertime, I’d probably spend half of my days under one of my favorite trees in my backyard. It’s so peaceful there and such a nice departure from technology and dishwasing ;)

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