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Alright fellas.  Here are some bags for you!  Although treesizeverse has bags that are unisex I think they really speak to the male gender..but I am still wishing for one.  They are beautifully made from antique linen, waxed leather, and canvas by Ronald Ceuppens in Belgium.  I think handmade leather goods are so lovely and Ronald has captured simplistic beauty in his bags and accessories.  The materials that he uses are not only good looking new, but become even better looking the more you use them.  See what other leather goods you can find at his shop.

I love the green plaid tote up there!!  Which one is your favorite?

all photos by treesizeverse

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  1. Leather is unisex but yes, it does tend to lean on the male side. Most of the wearers of leather goods are male. Except perhaps leather bags.

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